Zega - Intelligent cookware

Zega is intelligent cookware that features a patented double wall thermal construction similar to a thermos that heats up in minutes and safely cooks for hours off the stove. Inside the lid SmartControl technology senses when Zega is ready to self-cook and notifies you when the food is cooked via the Zega App. Farrah & Pearce has worked with Zega to create not only the industrial design of the cookware but also the integration with the smartphone app and hardware. Zega is currently crowd funding at VentureCrowd - visit here

F&P - Zega - Intelligent cookware - Hero Shot.png

Product development and marketing

We collaborated with Zega on both the product development and marketing, creating the brand identity, investment pitch documents, videos and collateral, as per below.

F&P - Zega Intelligent Cookware - Ingredients.png
F&P - Zega Cookware - Basting droplets

App design

The smartphone app is integral to the Zega experience, requiring visual continuity and ease of use. We developed both the screen layouts and user flows alongside the ThermoKnob hardware and graphic user interface.

Zega App - Home screen
Zega App - Main menu screen
Zega App - Recipe screen
Zega App - Ingredient screen

For more information on Zega visit zegacookware.com